Barcelona has many parks. Some of them, worldwide well known¬† – such as Parc G√ľell – others very popular such as Parc de la Ciutadella.

Combining romantic corners with a great variety of trees and plants, there is an environment where time seems to have stopped.

Historical gardens designed in the first third of the 19th century where the owners install, among others, the King’s visit¬† monument, (Fernando VII and Alfonso XIII) in the 19th century and designed different natural spaces such as the pine grove, palm grove or forest.

The Rombo lake is one of the most characteristic places in Martí-Codolar gardens.

In it, a permanent colony of turtles lives in an ideal habitat for their conservation, feeding and reproduction.

The monument placed by Don Llu√≠s Mart√≠-Codolar in the memory of Don Bosco’s visit in dolmen shape, still stands in the same place where it was inaugurated since 1890.

It is considered the first monument in the world dedicated to Saint John Bosco.

The last spaces to be designed were the small pine forest and the Cigarral de la Santa. This one, originally intended as a chicken coop and to house the primates of the zoological collection, was transformed by the Mart√≠-Codolar’s Family into the beautifull place that we can enjoy today.

The cigarral is dedicated to Santa Teresa de Jesus and it was inaugurated in 1922, the year of Her third centenary’s canonization (1622)

Designed by Salvador Alarma i Tast√†s, it evokes the atmosphere of a Castilian patio and it’s the perfect spot to relax